Hard Times Beef Jerky


The new products you have been asking for are finally here!!!

Our “Ends & Pieces” and more variety of sizes

i love it so much i get 2 bags a week are more its addicting

- stacy

I have had jerky from all over the U.S. and Hard Times is by far my favorite!!!

- Shane

The Black Pepper is the Best jerky me and my wife have ever had!!

- Tavis

It tastes like an angel flew it down from heaven.

- Evan

Me gusta

- Juan

I\'ve been all over the world and this is the best jerky!

- Jimmy

I eat a lot of jerky and Hardtimes is easily my favorite. The hot is the perfect blend of spice and natural flavor, the texture is just right, and there is always a toothpick.

- Robert

Once you\'ve tried HardTimes, you\'ll never eat any other jerky! Nothing else even comes close!

- Vanessa

Hard Times: The Official Beef Jerky of Jumpship Astronaut.

- Jumpship

this jerky is the best I\'ve ever had, I jus can\'t get enough of it but were from tx so haven\'t been able to find it here until I stop by a local small town store here in our town n there it was on the shelf but I\'ve bought every bag they had so I might be ordering soon thanks for the great jerky

- Amos

Great owners and great jerky! I\'ll never buy anything else!

- Josh

I think I ate the toothpick. the jerky was that good.

- Tj

It tastes like beef Heaven.

- Brett

This stuff if so good I can't even stand other jerkey anymore. In comparison, it all tastes like paper.

- Matthew



Hard Times is the Best Old Time Beef Jerky Ever, we are from Oklahoma and now live in Colorado, you can not find good jerky up here, I was having to try to stock up when we would come down to visit our kids, then found you online and so happy I did, now I have several friends addicted to it as well, I order a lot from you!! So glad we can get it online now!! Thanks for doing such a great job!! It the best jerky ever!!

- Willa

This product makes other brands look like dog food.

- Kilgore



if i was a millionaire, i would bathe in this stuff.

- Chris

Hard Times is the best low carb, high protein snack! You can't beat this smoky, salty goodness!

- Brooke

Mighty fine jerky indeed!

- J.

Mighty fine jerky indeed!

- J.

love that it is thin sliced best tasting I've had in a long time

- Imelda

Very tasty nice big chunks

- Ingrid

"Best jerky east and west of the Mississippi"

- Brent

I consider myself a jerky snob, and Hard Times is the best I've ever had. Ever. (including what I make at home)

- Eric

i feel sorry for every other jerky company.. hard times has no competition.. simply the best beef jerky there is.. great job guys

- Remington

I accidentally dumped my bag of hardtimes on the floor and wasn't ashamed to pick it up and continue eating it. It's that good!!

- Amy

Best beef jerky I have ever had! My family could live off of it. Send more our way here in Paris, Texas.

- Carl

Hands down the best Jerky I've ever had.

- Chris

Best dam jerky I've had in a while.

- Amber

I was checking out at Homeland and my eyes lit up when I see my favorite beef jerky in a 8oz canister!!

- Betsy

it is good.

- lisa

Literally meeting the criteria to be an addict with this stuff! It's delicious!

- Heather

When times are hard, I get HARDTIMES Real Beef Jerky!

- Raven

This is what Beef Jerky is supposed to taste like! My favorite brand!

- Patricia

Good morning noon or night.

- Fletcher

I'm tired of following my dreams. So I'll just eat hard times and catch up with them later.

- Dallas

there is at least one reason to stop in oklahoma.

- Justin

black pepper is by far the best snack in america.

- blane

I could eat this stuff for dinner ITS THAT GOOD.

- Matthew

It should be illegal for gas stations not to carry this stuff.

- daquan

The toothpick is a genius idea

- Jason

I love your jerky

- Ramona

When I moved to Canada, I was sad because I thought I'd miss my HardTimes beef jerky. Once I found out I could order it and have it shipped to me, I was SO HAPPY!

- Lindsay

If u put a piece of Hardtimes jerkey on your forehead your toung will beat your brains out trying to get to it... I look for this jerkey everywhere i go.

- Kelly james

The large companies are taking over the Jerky market. Thank the Gods we have Hardtimes Jerky. The absolute best jerkey on the market. Congrads on delivering a quality product an keeping the tradition of auhentic jerky.

- Scott

just found this jerky. very good. finally, some one who knows how to make jerky without adding brown sugar. Thank you!! I will be buying more. that is until i am resupplied this fall with elk and deer!! Thanks again

- rocky

I dont always eat beef jerky, but when I do, its Hard Times Beef Jerky

- Matt

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